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As he's exploring around in a dying mall, Marcel passes through a portal to another reality without even realizing it. After meeting a mysterious entity in a hotel room, Marcel must find and explore different alternate worlds by passing through a series of mysterious portals to hopefully get back to his home dimension. 

This game is currently public! Happy playing!

Here's my Dev Twitter where I post updates as they come.

*AI DISCLAIMER: I used Melobytes to generate music tracks for this game. This was a decision I made before the AI boom of early 2023 and was not done for 'clout' or attention. This was done as I do not have the money or budget to hire a composer, nor the time to learn meaningful music composition. At the time, AI was fairly untalked about and the ethics of it were even less discussed. However, I still regret this decision.

Specifically, I used the algorithms that generate music based on data from user provided images (Image/Video to Music, Image to Sound, and Image to Song) in place of text prompts or calls to mimic specific composers or artists. To my knowledge, the image data is not recoverable in the track data. I claim no ownership over the music generated, nor the images used, beyond those that I have proof I created myself. 

I am currently researching to determine the specifics of the datasets these services used and trying to determine for myself if this is true data-scraping AI like MidJourney or if it's just a more advanced form of procedural generation, which has existed for a long time and uses soundfonts and/or short samples of sound instead of an amalgam of pre-existing works. Due to the cacophonous way the generated tracks sound, I am willing to believe the latter, and that the use of the phrase 'AI' was done to cash in on the trend. However, this may just be wishful thinking.

In any case, let it be known that I do not condone AI generation that makes use of stolen works and pieces from real creatives. However, I will also not lie and say that I haven't grown deeply attached to these tracks and struggle to compose new ones to replace them, both due to my lack of skill and my inability to capture the sound of the original tracks. Due to this, it is unlikely a 100% remade hand-composed OST will ever release, despite my attempts to create one. I grow more and more ashamed of this decision with every passing day and completely understand if you are unwilling to engage with this project because of its potential use here. 

In any case, please understand that I do not plan to use this service for future projects of any kind, both as a way to learn composition for myself, and in protest of AI generated slop that is slowly leeching into the creative space.  Thank you.

Release date May 19, 2023
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorViktor the Great
Made withPaint.net, RPG Maker, Audacity
Tags2D, Atmospheric, Exploration, Liminal space, Pixel Art, RPG Maker, Singleplayer, storygame, Story Rich, weird
Average sessionA few hours
LinksSteam, Official Inspiration Playlist


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love this so far! the spritework and character designs are definitely a highlight for me, musics pretty good too! fits the atmosphere nicely
though i feel like some of the dialogue reads a bit... amateurish?? sorry i dont know how else to say that ^^;; (it would also be nice if you could implement a run button, base rpgm2003 speeds are definitely too fast for something like this but having the option there would be nice!)
absolutely a lot of potential here though, definitely gonna keep an eye on this ^^

Thanks for the feedback! Do you think you could elaborate on what you mean by some of the dialogue sounding a bit off? If only because I've always been told that my dialogue is one of my strong suits, and at the very least, nobody else who has played this project has said anything about it. And this isn't an attempt to corner you!! I want to improve if some parts sound strange lol. And thanks again for the support!

this game is so weird i love it. the characters, the dialogue, the music, its all so funky and weird which is perfect for a game based around liminal space. my only criticism would be that the walking speed is a bit slow which wouldn't be a problem for this type of game except, judging from key fetch quest, for the fact theres going to be a lot of backtracking. other than that really excited for the full release!


thank you so much! i went back and forth a lot on walk speeds, and i think it boils down to another one of the many flaws that come from me choosing to make this in rpgmaker. there's no fine slider between walk speeds, just a ladder of options. the base walk speed felt just a little bit too fast to me, especially for a game that is otherwise laid back and meant to not be rushed through. but, i guess i'll see based on how big future worlds get. thank you again!